Conference Axes
The first axis: Teacher Preparation
1- Introducing new formulas to produce the teacher of the 3rd millennium.
2- Developing criteria for selecting and preparing teachers.
3- Interdisciplinary studies in the preparation of teachers.
4- The role of the academic faculties in the preparation of teachers.
5- Contemporary philosophies in the preparation of teachers.
6- Teacher preparation from a comparative perspective.
7- The changing role of technology in the preparation of teachers.
8- Contemporary global experiences in teacher preparation systems.

The second axis: Professional Development of Teachers
1- Managing professional learning communities.
2- Professional learning communities from a comparative perspective.
3- The philosophical, psychological, and social foundations of professional development in the digital era of knowledge.
4- Reality of professional development.
5- Professional development and digital challenges.
6- Lifelong training.
7- Facing the professional pressures of teachers.
8- Teachers of technical education in the framework of professional learning communities.
9- The culture of work research and professional development of teachers.
10- The role of the teacher in linking education with sustainable development issues.
11- The role of the teacher in developing curricula and programs.
12- Developing the competencies of the teachers of Special Education in light of the philosophy of integration.

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Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in an Era of Knowledge.

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